About Steph Stein

         Stephanie, originally from Michigan, is currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She received her Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Michigan in 2007, and continued her education at Eastern Michigan University, earning her certificate of art education in 2009. While teaching high school, she began her Masters of Art in Studio Arts and Metals in 2011, and graduated with her MA in August 2014.

          As a jewelry designer, she loves to keep things fresh and to surprise people. It's as much about being creative and being inspired as it is about making pieces people will love. She believes that it's a beautiful thing to see someone wearing one of her creations.

 Artist Statement :

     Invasive plant patterns mimic patterns found in human disease. Both plants and biological diseases have the potential to be invasive. As these organisms multiply in the body and in nature, they form beautiful microscopic visual patterns. The concept of my work is to make plant and biological patterns in metal. The idea of the completed metalwork is to be worn as a sort of  "€œjewelry"€ and on the body to show how the microorganism can literally invade one's- self.

         The metalsmithing processes used to make a few of my series have also become an act of coping and healing. A long rhythmic process is required to create the textures and forms of the microorganisms. This repetitive process becomes a meditative rhythm and soothes the mind's anxieties. This process allows me to create textures and form the metal intuitively and allows the shapes to happen in a haphazard manner. The rough surfaces and patterns represent invasive cells, plants, creatures, and parasites that invade our lives and environment every day.